Omnino Engineering values and respects the rights and standards relating to information provided to us by our employees, our clients and our suppliers as well as anyone applying for positions with us. We comply with the National Privacy Principals (NPPs) under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and expect our employees to adhere to these requirements.

Omnino Engineering upholds the following principles:

  • Employee, client and supplier information is reasonably and transparently managed.
  • Employees have a right to know how their information is collected, used, disclosed, stores and disposed of.
  • Information is adequately protected.
  • Private information will not be traded or sold to another party.
  • Information relating to prospective employees is reasonably and transparently managed and adequately protected.
  • Permission is sought from employees, clients and suppliers relating to statements, graphics or the use of their name prior to publication on our website, in technical information sheets, in brochures and in marketing materials.
  • Employees are respectful about information regarding their colleagues as well as information relating to Omnino Engineering, our clients and our suppliers.

The above principles apply to this website (

You can contact Omnino Engineering by sending us emails via this website to:

  1. Subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters
  2. Make a request for information about us
  3. Make general enquiries
  4. Apply for vacant positions we might have from time-to-time

When you email us via this website, you provide us with:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Any other information contained in your email

We then collect this information so that we can deal with your enquiry. Without this information we may not be able to assist you. We will only use information you provide us to deal with your request or enquiry. These details will only be accessible by Omnino Engineering employees who are managing your request. If your request relates to subscribing to newsletters, then your information will be held in a database and used for the purpose of managing your subscription. We will dispose of your personal information once we have dealt with your request and no longer need this information.

We do not collect any other personal information nor do we use cookies, web tracking or devices to collect personal information.

Omnino Engineering takes all reasonable steps to protect and securely manage your personal information. If you no longer wish us to hold information, you can either unsubscribe to our newsletter or in the case of an enquiry or request, contact the General Manager, Omnino Engineering on 07 3267 1974. Your information can then be updated, modified or removed.

If you have a complaint regarding how Omnino Engineering relating to privacy issues please contact Omnino Engineering’s General Manager on 07 3267 1974.