Our Company … Our Story

Omnino Engineering was established in 2007 to provide high end electrical solutions and maintenance support solutions to clients. Today, these capabilities have grown to include:

  • complete maintenance solutions
  • electrical drafting services, and
  • management system solutions.

Through the leadership of Jason Redman, Omnino Engineering is trusted by clients in the US, China and throughout Australia to provide electrical engineering expertise.

We understand that clients want more than just a product or service. They look for partners who understand their business and can provide the right advice. Our clients look to us because we work with them to provide much more than a product or a service.

We use this same focus when forming relationships with our suppliers and our employees.

Our solutions are competitive solutions. We understand the importance of being cost effective. That’s why we strategically and tactically look at projects. This way we can provide savings while delivering quality results.

Our name is different because we are different. Omnino is a Latin word that means “complete”. We think differently, we look at challenges differently. That’s because we pursue creative solutions that inspire our people and our clients… it’s the Omnino way.